Photo by M_K Photography on Unsplash

So nice to sit,
To be embraced in nothing,
Not running,
Not grading,
Not even thinking of a breath.

So nice.

It won’t last.
Something will rattle the peace,
Selling some shoes.

Such is life.

They say it’s possible,
Possible to have both,
Peace plus toil leading to satisfaction
I’ll know in a hour
When work and weekend collide.

Outside, birds singing beautifully.



Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Life isn’t so simple,
We know, only what’s necessary, right?

But, the mind is a frenzied place,
A playground for the hectic set
Where thoughts teeter totter up down,
Somehow all around
Leaving us grasping for more
Instead of settling into simpleness.

Four out of twelve, maybe good in some arenas,
Not such when health is on the line,
Allow a pile to stay put,
Forget about the April deadlines,
Ease into the sheets,
Let the humors get back to normal.

There is the simplicity,
That is what is necessary. Right…